Dry Palynospheres™

Palynospheres™ are available as a dry powder in four different size ranges. This provides researchers with an excellent choice of marker grain sizes with which to track and quantify the target pollen grains. These dry powder products can be formulated by the researcher according to preference. See Formulating Dry Palynospheres™ for more details.

Dry Palynospheres™ are available in a 125mg and 500mg pack sizes.

Product Code Typical Particle Size Range (μm)
Orange 20-25
Blue 24-32
Green 30-38
Yellow 34-42

*Please note, colour codes are for identification only. All Palynospheres™ products are matt black in colour.

40 to 45 micron grains‘Yellow’ Grade Palynospheres™ (x400 Mag)

Lot specific information and safety data sheets for dry Palynospheres™ can be found on our Downloads page.

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