SG06 Special Blend

To cater for the requirements of different palynological research groups, Palynotech has also developed a ready formulated blend of Palynospheres™ termed the ‘SG06 Special Blend’.

This product has been developed to assist with the ‘Suigetsu Varves 2006’ project ( and consists of a mixture of two different Palynospheres™ size ranges, blended in a fixed ratio and dispersed in an isodense liquid in precisely controlled quantities.

Mixing two different size ranges in a known ratio serves to detect any laboratory failures that differentially favour recovery of larger or smaller pollen types. An example of the use of SG06 Special Blend is described in Kitaba, I. & Nakagawa, T., Quaternary International, (2017) Vol. 455, pp166-169

SG06 Special Blend is ready to be added to sediment samples without further manipulation and is available in 60ml, 125ml and 250ml pack sizes. See Using SG06 Special Blend for more information.

palynospheres & pollen grains_4 x400Palynospheres™ SG06 Special Blend visualised within a pollen sample (x400 Mag). The matt black marker grains are easily distinguished from the pollen species. More SG06 images can be found in the Gallery

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Lot specific information, safety data sheets and usage information for SG06 Special Blend can be found on our Downloads page.

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