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 Dry Palynospheres™ Price List

Product Name Product Code Size Range (μm) Pack Size (mg) Price (UK Pounds)
Orange PAL/OR/125 20-25 125 95
Orange PAL/OR/500 20-25 500 295
Blue PAL/BL/125 24-32 125 95
Blue PAL/BL/500 24-32 500 295
Green PAL/GR/125 30-38 125 95
Green PAL/GR/500 30-38 500 295
Yellow PAL/YW/125 34-42 125 95
Yellow PAL/YW/500 32-42 500 295

SG06 Special Blend Price List

Product Description Product Code Pack Size (mL) Price (UK Pounds)
SG06 Full Size PAL/SGF 250 295
SG06 Medium Size PAL/SGM 125 185
SG06 Tester Size PAL/SGT 60 125

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Payment is by proforma invoice and should be made in UK Pounds. Customers are responsible for any importation charges and/or bank charges. Dispatch will be made upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made by electronic bank transfer or through PayPal, please state which you would prefer upon ordering.

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